Scam Alert: “WordPress Database Upgrade Required”

Hello everyone and Happy (belated) Thanksgiving. My wife received an email today regarding her photography website which, like many of the sites we develop here at TGC, happens to run on WordPress as a content management solution. The email came from a generic account, and had over 30 email address in the “to” box. This type of thing screams “WARNING WARNING” around our house, but we always try to get the word out to our friends and clients when we come across a new scam such as this. The email content is as follows…

Database Upgrade Required

Your WordPress database is out-of-date, and must be upgraded now.

The upgrade process may take a while, so please be patient.
Upgrade WordPress

In this case “Upgrade WordPress” is a link, likely leading to a phishing website…collecting admin (login) credentials. I’m writing this post today to help spread the word. WordPress will NEVER send you an email telling you to upgrade your database…I repeat NEVER will you receive any type of communication such as this. On come occasions, you may be advised, from within your Dashboard, to update to the latest WP Version, but never by email, and never from some random address.

Thanks for reading! Be safe everyone.