In a world of Google searches and instant access to information, a business without a strong web presence is going to struggle more and more to remain competitive. What’s the first thing a person does when their computer gets a virus? When their car breaks down? When they need tasty new recipe for dinner?Search online to find the best/nearest/cheapest/most reputable option.

In the past, information came through phone books, radio/TV ads, and word of mouth. Today, while those elements still factor, it’s increasingly rare for us to call a buddy and get a recommendation. Instead, we ask Google/Facebook/Twitter and read reviews on Yelp or other social media sites. As recently as last year, the fastest growing social media platform was Pinterest, another place for people to share and exchange ideas.

So long story short, if you’re ignoring the online generation, you are missing sales and opportunities for growth. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Tech Guy Consulting has been designing and developing websites since its inception. We employ two full time web developers and designers with a combined total of over twenty years experience in helping clients improve or build their web presence. We can help you improve an existing site or build your new site from the ground up.


Your website if your storefront for the world—make sure you’re getting the right kind of attention!

Let Tech Guy Consulting improve your search rank and improve your site visibility with Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)

While having a website is critically important for a business in this era, just being online isn’t enough if nobody can find you! Ask us about our search engine optimization (aka SEO) services!